Suggestions That Will Help Find Your Size

Suggestions That Will Help Find Your Size

Don't be too concerned with the size on the tag

Don't get too hung up on the size. The fit of our merchandise is very important to us and a huge factor in what we buy. We know our demographic and we shy away from carrying form-fitting merchandise, and try to focus on roomier items. That being said, we next recommend you to try things on.

Try in on

You know what size you are, but try things on. Just because you typically wear a specific size, does not mean it won't fit. Our suggestion to you is to try on some of our merchandise before you say we don't have your size, and remember not to pay too much attention to the size on the tag. This does not apply to all of our merchandise, but it might just give you some luck!

Ask a Sales Associate to help you find something

Our Sales Associates are very knowledgeable with our products. By asking one of them for help, they can usually always help you find something, or at least point you in the right direction.

Read the online product descriptions

Each product description on our website gives details including how the item fits and detailed information about the model and what she is wearing in the photo. This is very helpful in determining your size.

Frequent us in-store to get your size before it sells. 

In most cases, customers come into the store to find that we only have smalls and mediums. Size large and X-large are our most popular sizes making them the first to sell. The customers that typically end up snatching these sizes up right away are frequented at our store and stay connected with us for new arrivals. Visit us more often, particularly during the week while we are receiving shipments.

Visit our website frequently

Not all of our items are available online, there are some that we only sell in our store. We try to display as many as we can to get them visible to you as fast as we can. You can easily see what sizes and colors we have in stock by finding an item you like and selecting your size/color. If it's not in stock, it will say so and ask you to enter your email to be notified of re-stock. All of our online products synchronize with our in-store merchandise so that sizes and availability are live stream. Visit us at as frequently as you can, but don't wait for things to show up online. new arrivals are shown online before fore they are posted to any social media channels or email campaigns.

Don't wait for products to appear online

This is a big one! We get shipments every single day. Not all of our products make it to the web and when it does, there is a process. Processes take time, sometimes 2-4 days. This is just more time for your size to sell in-store. 

Use our Shop By Size feature

You will notice at the top of our site a drop-down called Shop By Size.  Use this, it will display all products in order from new to old, that are currently available in your size.

Stay connected with us

Call, email, text, message us on Facebook or stop in and see us. Building a relationship with our Sales Associates will change your life! We have many customers that get in touch with us regularly and get first-dibs. Try asking a Sales Associate what we received thiat day or this week, and if we have your size. We are always here (even when we're not here) to help you.

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Are you ready to open a line of communication with us?

We are a technology forward company and all of our Sales Associates have fingertip access. It's part of their daily duties to stay connected with the world. We suggest you get in touch with us, our staff make great personal shoppers! Did you know that you can text message us? Simply send a text message to even if we're closed, our response time will surprise you! Open a line of communication, we're always here to help (and remember, even if we're not here)!

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