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About Us

Welcome to Glitz & Ears Boutique! We are a women's retail store located in Clinton Township, Michigan. We specialize in unique and trendy fashion clothing & accessories. We research trends all over the world and travel long distances to bring you the latest and greatest in fashion at affordable prices.

We have a physical retail store in Clinton Township which is where it all happens, as well as an online store. We locally serve customers of the greater Metro Detroit area, and ship online orders to all 50 states, Canada & 9 other countries. We carry a wide range of unique products. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, handbags, home and personal products and gifts are just a few to say the least.

Donna Hassig, a hard working and passionate mother, started with an idea and turned it into her dream come true. From the basement of her home in 1989, to the opening of her own store in 2006 and the official online store in 2016, she now employs over 10 people that make up the Glitz & Ears dream team. 

More About Us...

The idea behind “Glitz & Ears” was started by Donna in 1987. She always had dreamed of opening a business in the women’s fashion industry and decided to start by hand crafting jewelry and selling it at craft and jewelry shows. After developing a small clientele, she started to sell from the basement of her home in Fraser, Michigan. She later began expanding and started to hand-rhinestone clothing which became popular in the early 1990's. As demand grew, she knew she had to start selling vendor merchandise. As time passed, she carried more variety and became an expert in her research. She now proudly has over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, and is bringing in new ideas daily.

How did the name "Glitz & Ears" begin?

The name “Glitz & Ears” derived from what the owner’s original style of merchandise. “Glitz” as in everything with rhinestones and “Ears” as in mostly earrings. This of course was long before what we offer today.