Why don't we carry plus size?

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Why don't we carry plus size?

A lot of customer's have asked us about carrying larger sizes. We felt that it would be necessary to post an educational article so our customers understand some of the pitfalls that we face in the fashion industry.

We are aware that there is a demand for larger sizes, but this is not entirely up to us. Here at Glitz & Ears, we strive to carry the best products at reasonable prices for our customers. We also have a specific style that we carry which is inherent with the brand that our customers are all familiar with. We hand-pick our vendors and the products that we carry and are continuously on the hunt for the newest and the latest.

Our vendors sell in "pre-packs" and won't substitute

Roughly 90% of our vendors sell merchandise in what's called a "pre-pack". A pre-pack is an already packaged style of merchandise from the manufacturing facility, usually consisting of 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large and 2 X-large. Vendors absolutely will not make any substitutions for us, or anyone else. You also have to remember, our vendors aren't just selling to us and every market is different. If it were up to us, we would purchase fewer small sizes and more large sizes, but our vendors have clients that would buy more small sizes and fewer large sizes as well, so they make the quantities equal from small through X-large.

It's usually not that we don't carry larger sizes

Generally, when customer's ask us to carry larger sizes, they don't necessarily mean plus size. They say this because they can only seem to find smalls and mediums. Our regular customers know that we always sell mediums through X-larges fast and stay connected with us to get first-dibs. It's not that we don't carry X-larges, it's just that we sell them so fast, we only have smalls and mediums left. Because our merchandise is pre-packed, the only way to offer more larger sizes is to buy more pre-packs which will leave us with a bunch of smaller sizes, too many to sell. If you fit the description of someone who is looking for size large or X-large and can't find your size, we strongly recommend you reading this great article we've put together: Suggestions to help find your size.

How our merchandise fits

The fit of our merchandise is very important to us and a huge factor in what we buy. We know our demographic and we shy away from carrying form-fitting merchandise, and try to focus on roomier items. This makes it a bit easier for you to find your size since we don't carry too many slim fitting items.

What it would take to carry plus size

The only way for us to achieve this is to start carrying clothing from plus size vendors, but that leaves us with another problem...you guessed it, pre-packs! Plus size vendors also pre-pack their merchandise, usually from X-large through XXXX-large. Yes, we would have some of you that would love this, but as you can imagine, we would be sitting with a lot of inventory that we cannot sell because we are not known as a plus size store.

Don't be discouraged by any of this, we hear your feedback and try to do everything we can to adapt. The good news is, we still recommend you reading the article Suggestions to help find your size.  You will find some more interesting information in there on how you can make our sizes work for you!

Not to say things can't change

There is always a possibility that we can find a way to make it work.  If we do, you will definitely see a product line-up followed by an announcement. 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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